SEO Manchester

Do you or your company have a website, but are struggling to bring traffic to it? Are you familiar with the best SEO practices to bring attention and customers to your website? If not, then you should seek help from an SEO consultant. If you are in Liverpool or nearby, Toni Marino is an experienced freelance SEO Liverpool consultant that has been helping businesses expand their website outreach for more than seven years.


The term SEO stands for search engine optimization. SEO is a form of internet marketing that uses certain techniques and tools to enhance a website’s visibility. This can be done through creating content and managing it, using specific keywords, creating backlinks that link to related websites that are highly ranked and URL structure.

Toni has been using these practices and other forms of online marketing for several years. He is an award-winning freelance designer, digital marketer and writer. He is also a Google certified SEO consultant. Toni uses an outcome-based strategy to attract new clientele to your website and then keep them engaged and on-board long term. Many of Toni’s client’s websites have reached the first page of Google searches.  After Toni helps generate traffic to your website, he will use social media marketing techniques to keep existing customers and bring in even more. Toni also works as an SEO Manchester consultant if you live in Manchester or a surrounding area. If you are needing SEO or web development assistance, check out his website to learn more.